GameJizz, a new aggregator to compete with N4G
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April 21st, 2010 | 6,336 views

Just when you thought gamers couldn’t get any more zany, along comes GameJizz “Delivering Loads of Fresh Gaming News”. The developer is hoping GameJizz will be able to compete with the likes of N4G as the next big gaming news aggregator.

Will you be jizzing it up?

Although seriously, I suspect this site will die a quick death as no-one will be wanting to be spending their time on a website covered in jizz.

The developer behind GameJizz posted the following comment regarding his upcoming aggregator.

I really considered but decided against it.

Now it’s not enough to slap something up, you need to get people visiting so links are followed. I think a healthy dose of twitter, maybe some Google ads and some contests can get things moving.

The site is being developed by ALT+F4 Admin, Alienstout

The site is located here, although it’s currently in lockdown.

  1. avatar Bert

    N4g is faster to type.

  2. avatar xino

    jizz…seriously. They ever used a cum style font:/

  3. Jizz, huh? Well, I’ve often heard that if you build it, they will come. Heeeyyoooo!

  4. I can’t pin point it, but something about that name of that website is just wrong. I wonder what it is …..

  5. avatar Similarities

    WeGame called.
    They want their news page back.

  6. Although hilarious, I doubt it has a chance against N4G. That thing is a behemoth.

  7. avatar saminseattle

    that’s disgusting, I’m never goin’ to this place again.

  8. avatar Jizz in my pants !!!


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